“I have lost all my files on my flight to Milan and couldn’t be happier with their Backup service. They’ve surpassed all of my expectations in quality and customer service!”

Edgar Davids
International Soccer Player
Ajax, AC Milan, FC Barcelona, Juventus

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  • 150GB Online Backup Storage
  • 5GB single file limit
  • Unlimited media files
  • Real time Backup
  • Unlimited web restore
  • Low bandwidth consumption
  • file replication
  • file sharing
  • file compression
  • Boot up protection
  • Anti spy ware
  • CPU usage monitor
  • Hard drive monitor
  • Memory usage monitor
  • System message alerts
  • Automatic updates
  • 24/7 customer support

Backup Everyting. In Real-Time. Never lose your files (again)

                          Friendly, Secure and Guaranteed.

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opening hours (Mon-Sat 8AM - 7PM EST, 15:00 - 23:00 GMT)


Risk Alerts 
ZenOK monitors the health of your computer and safeguards your data. This is why we are the only company being able to offer 100% Guaranteed Protection. 

Military-grade encryption for the safety of your files
Your data is encrypted with the same standards used by financial institutions. ZenOK encrypts your files with a military-grade 448-bit blowfish encryption; then transferred to the ZenOK  servers using 128-bit SSL encryption. 

Get your files back. Always. 
Automatically save important files in real time to a secure online storage. Retreive them anywhere via the secure ZenOK Website. 

Stop data loss. 
368.000.000.000 files were lost last year. Protect your data against a hard drive crash, fire, flood, lightning, theft and security vulnerabilities.